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Literature Review

"At a Glance" Summary Pages

Executive Summary

Final Report

Literature Review

The literature review identifies key issues pertaining to the benefits, outputs, and knowledge elements of evaluation. It provided the departure point for further discussion of these issues.

Literature Review (97K, 19 pages)

"At a Glance" Summary Pages

These pages present a quick list of potential benefits that can be derived from evaluation, outputs that result from evaluation activities, and knowledge elements required to carry out evaluation activities. More detailed descriptions are available in the final report.

Potential Benefits at a Glance (15K, 1 page)

Outputs at a Glance (14K, 1 page)

Knowledge Elements at a Glance (10K, 1 page)

Executive Summary

The executive summary provides a brief overview of the findings of this study, and our conclusions and suggestions for CES. It includes the three "At a Glance" pages.

Executive Summary (50K, 10 pages)

Final Report

The full text of the report includes:

  • issues and concerns that were raised about the approach to the project,
  • fleshed-out descriptions of the benefits and outputs,
  • a complete list of knowledge elements with relevant resources,
  • a discussion of the difficulties in making generic links between knowledge elements, outputs, and benefits, and
  • conclusions and suggestions for CES.

For on-screen viewing or single-sided printing:

Report without Appendices (347K, 84 pages)

Report with Appendices (608K, 155 pages)

For nicely-formatted double-sided printing:

Report without Appendices (355K, 92 pages)

Report with Appendices (627K, 174 pages)

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