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We welcome your feedback about the Draft Report

The Canadian Evaluation Society's Project in Support of Advocacy and Professional Development is wrapping up. Many evaluators across the world have contributed to this project over the past six months. As a result of their input, we have been able to:

  • Identify and describe benefits that may be derived from program evaluation;

  • Articulate outputs (e.g., evidence, conclusions, recommendations) that result from evaluation activities;

  • Identify important knowledge, skills, and best practices that may be required to undertake evaluation activities; and

  • Identify relevant resources for each knowledge element.

The results of this project will be used by the CES to further their advocacy and professional development efforts. In addition, the results may be used by individual evaluators to identify the requirements for a particular evaluation, and to identify resources for self-directed professional development.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Your feedback about the draft report will help ensure that it reflects state-of-the-art practice and encompasses the diversity of the field. The draft report for the project is available here (267k).

Please send your feedback to Rochelle Zorzi:

We welcome your feedback until Tuesday October 8, 2002, at which time we need to finalize the report for presentation to the CES National Council.

Areas of Emphasis

While we welcome your comments on any aspect of the report, the following are some areas that are of special interest:

  • List of Outputs: Is this list complete? What other outputs should be included? Consider: Are there approaches to evaluation that produce different types of outputs? Do some evaluation activities produce less tangible outputs that may be more difficult to define?

  • List of Knowledge Elements: Does this list reflect the knowledge, skills, and best practices that are needed to conduct program evaluation? What other knowledge elements should be included?

  • Resources Associated with Knowledge Elements: What other resources provide useful guidance for specific knowledge elements? In particular, what good resources are available for those knowledge elements that have no resources listed?

Thank you for your feedback.

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